What the Bible Actually Says About Money: 31 Mediations

Scott Morton


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The Bible has over two thousand verses about money, but let’s start with thirty-one.

Most people have strong opinions about money, but admit they rarely study

Bible verses on it.

You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes each day for a month to discover firsthand what the Bible actually teaches about money. Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride!

Scott Morton is an international funding coach for The Navigators. He has served in collegiate ministry, metro discipling, as director of staff funding, as US vice president of development, and in discipleship of young business leaders.

“THANK YOU very much for the wonderful book you wrote. It is fantastic–really helpful and practical. We will be using it and giving some as gifts.” A Minnesota Church Leader

“ I will take up your challenge. Time for me to re-think (my view of money) and see it in a new light.”   -Minnesota

“I am enjoying your new book I had never thought of how Jesus lived by getting donations from the women.” –Minnesota

“This book is a winner! Thank you for helping me answer questions that come up in my small group and among my fellow elders at church. It’s clear. Short. To the point. And each chapter ends in a prayer. Love it!” -Virginia

“ I am on Day Three of the 31 Day Adventure! I am praying about using it as a part of my men’s Saturday morning study group.” -Minnesota

“I read it and I was humbled and helped by what you wrote beyond words. It really ministered to me!” -Wisconsin

“What The Bible Says About Money devotional. It is a great study – I read it in entirety rather than a day-at-a-time. I have ordered copies for my pastor as well as people in my Bible Study group.” -Minnesota

“The two chapters that have struck me are: 1) confessing worry and 2) secretly desiring to be rich.”   –From V, a Grad Student in the Middle East

“I had to pause on Day Three and work through my views and attitudes.  It was not reasonable to read one of these each day and give it the attention I knew the Spirit would desire.  So I ended up pausing on Day Three until recently.  I have resumed, but will probably end up on a pace of two meditations a week.  I want to give each chapter the attention it deserves.These meditations on money are well done, a pleasure to read and to think about.” –A Wisconsin medical professional

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