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How to Teach Online Bible Lessons Kids Love


Any teacher will tell you; connecting through a screen is a HUGE challenge. Now, discover new strategies to keep distractions down and children hooked throughout your presentation. Become a better teacher and learn to teach fun online Bible lessons kids love.

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The ChurchLeaders Store exists to equip, inform, and inspire church leaders to live out their faith and expand God’s kingdom.

Are you are a church leader, pastor, children’s ministry director, worship leader, or a believer looking for Christian resources?

ChurchLeaders Store is for you! Whether you’re a Christian leader or seeking to grow in your faith, we have something for you.

We have the best church leadership resources meant to equip and empower you to grow as a believer. Our high-quality Christian books are designed to help believers grow in their faith. Our book topics include church leadership, Christian marriage, daily devotionals, Christian ministry, faith, and more.

We also have volunteer handbooks, digital downloads, church media, church graphics, and more.

If you’re looking for the best Christian resources, please check out our store.

Building Healthy and High Performing Teams Online Course

Eliminating dysfunction, getting stuff done, avoiding costly hiring mistakes, retaining quality church staff, and creating clarity around your church’s mission and vision are just some of the topics covered in this course.

Discipleship and Assimilation Essentials Online Course

This online course will help your church make disciples and empower them to serve. It’s time to reach people and help them grow in their faith like never before.

Preaching Essentials Online Course

The Gospel doesn’t change. But, your ability to communicate it well to your church has a huge impact on their ability to receive what you’re saying. In the Preaching Essentials online course, you’ll get all the preaching essentials you need to preach with power!

Best Preaching Year Online Course

An Online Course For Pastors Like You
Best Preaching Year is an online preaching course designed to help you get ahead so that you can save time, stress less, and preach better sermons!

Breaking 200 Online Course

You don’t need new ideas… you need a game plan.

The Breaking 200 course contains practical coaching and time-saving resources to help you and your church grow.