Questioning Christmas

Rich McCaskill

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Is Christmas more than an old religious relic based on made-up stories, or is it a doorway into a meaningful life? Rich McCaskill invites you to slow down your busy life and ponder together with him as he unwraps the evidence, one piece at a time.

Uncovering the sparkling insights of academics and artists, refugees and rock–stars, Questioning Christmas will help you examine life’s biggest questions in an accessible way. Where does our complexity come from? Why is love so indispensable? How do some people find the superhuman power to forgive others? Is faith unscientific? Who was the baby in the manger? And why do so many people around the world find him so compelling?

If you are curious about the meaning of life or the message of Christmas, this is the perfect book for you.  Whatever your beliefs, whether you are unsure about faith or looking for assurance, Questioning Christmas will help you rediscover the path home, a path that, for many of us, has been overgrown and hidden far too long.