20 Lessons That Build a Man’s Friends

Vince Miller

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Men are often taught to be self-sufficient. Don’t take handouts, accept help, or be vulnerable by having close friendships. However, when we look in the Bible, we see the value God places on true, loyal friendship.

In 1 Samuel, we see the depth of David and Jonathan’s friendship. They loved one another—it even references their “souls being knit” to each other. In John 15:13, Jesus himself says: “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

In 20 Lessons That Build a Man’s Friends, author Vince Miller guides and teaches men that they don’t have to do life alone—it’s better to live it with brothers in Christ. These 20 lessons are designed to walk you through the BUILD process:
✔️ BEGIN with the goal.
✔️ UNPACK your thoughts.
✔️ INFORM through the Bible.
✔️ LAND on action steps.
✔️ DO one action for one week.

This book will help men understand they have power to shape and encourage other men in their journey with Christ through genuine friendship.