Thirty Virtues that Build a Man

“Despite what we may have heard, no man can truly thrive as a loner. Vince Miller has put together a great resource for guys to come together and dig into the character traits that make us the type of men that God designed us to be.”

– Jim Daly, President – Focus on the Family

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Men are a strategic force for change in the world, but they have an enemy, and it’s not what you think.

It’s apathy.

It is the appeal of inaction that lies within every man’s heart. When we build better men, we build better homes, marriages, workplaces, and churches. When one man gets better, everyone gets better.

So let’s build better men.

Each of the lessons features the B.U.I.L.D. process. This process is perfect for men of all ages to use in private reflection, bible studies, or mentoring conversations with other men.

✔️ Begin with the goal.
✔️ Unpack your thoughts.
✔️ Inform through the Bible.
✔️ Land on action steps.
✔️ Do one action for one week.

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