The Book of James: A Bible Study Guide

Vince Miller

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Spiritual Challenge Spurs Action

If you have played organized sports—or even if you haven’t but you’ve seen a few good sports movies—you may recall a few of the coaches and their personalities. While there is a positivity and encouraging nature that most coaches possess, oftentimes what elicits the best response is challenging the players and motivating them to perform at a higher level.

James takes a similar approach in his book, where he doesn’t pull any punches and tackles tough subjects. He implores readers to let their convictions change the way they think and how they live their lives under the umbrella of Christ’s love.

Join author Vince Miller as he guides men through the book of James, and like any good coach, challenges them to passionately pursue their faith and enhance their spiritual lives. This book can be done one-on-one or in a group setting.