20 Lessons that Build a Man’s Family: A Conversational Mentoring Guide

Vince Miller

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Every man is born to be a leader to the family God gifts him with. But becoming that leader takes effort, and today’s culture offers plenty of misguided advice and skewed views of what it means to be a man.

Author and international speaker Vince Miller knows from experience how mentorship and discipling can help overcome hard childhoods and toxic masculinity, guiding men to a better understanding of family leadership.

Follow the BUILD process through these 20 lessons, forming a cornerstone of study and discussion that you can share with family, friends, and peers.

BEGIN with the goal.

UNPACK your thoughts.

INFORM through the Bible.

LAND on action steps.

DO one action for one week.

Start today to grow your character according to God’s design, and become the leader your family needs—and you were made to be!