Preaching Essentials Online Course

8 students

Developing the Call, Character & Craft of Preaching

Pastor – God has called you to preach the Gospel!

The Gospel doesn’t change. But, your ability to communicate it well to your church has a huge impact on their ability to receive what you’re saying.

In the Preaching Essentials online course, you’ll get all the preaching essentials you need to preach with power!

“This course will certainly revolutionize what you once thought preaching was. I am leaving with a fresh vision and awe of what God has commissioned us to do. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself! You will not regret it!” – Pastor Dani Valdez

  • Preaching Essentials - Session 1
  • Preaching Essentials - Session 2
  • Preaching Essentials - Session 3
  • Preaching Essentials - Session 4


User Avatar Samuel Deuth

Samuel is on the pastoral team at Awaken Church (A C3 Global Church) in San Diego, with his pastors, Jurgen & Leanne Matthesius. He is also the regional operations director for C3 Americas along with his wife, Katie. In addition, Samuel travels full time ministering to churches and working to help church leaders develop their strategy for discipleship and growth.