How to Teach Online Bible Lessons Kids Love

Any teacher will tell you; connecting through a screen is a HUGE challenge. Now, discover new strategies to keep distractions down and children hooked throughout your presentation. Become a better teacher and learn to teach fun online Bible lessons kids love.



Rebound: Bounce Back So You Can Move Forward Online Course

As your church moves beyond responding and through reopening, it’s time to look at what the next season of ministry can be.  Rebound will give you a roadmap for the future, and help you get back to where you need to be and primed for what is ahead.  Each of the three modules includes insanely practical advice and actionable resources to help you gameplan for growth.



Building Healthy and High Performing Teams Online Course

Do you want to eliminate dysfunction within your church staff and volunteer teams? Do you want a team that gets stuff done and moves ministry forward? Do you want to avoid costly hiring mistakes? Do you want to retain quality church staff and volunteers? Do you want to create clarity around your church’s mission and vision?


$250.00 $49.99

Breaking 200 Online Course

What would your church look like with 200 people engaged every week?
If you’re struggling to lead your church to break the 200 barrier, you don’t need more vision, inspiration, or leadership lessons. You need a plan.
You need a plan for leading your church well in today’s messy world.
You need a plan for guiding your church towards healthy growth.
The Breaking 200 Course is that plan. It contains practical coaching and time-saving resources to help you and your church grow.


$397.00 $200.00

Best Preaching Year Online Course

An Online Course For Pastors Like You
Best Preaching Year is an online preaching course designed to help you get ahead so that you can save time, stress less, and preach better sermons!



Discipleship & Assimilation Online Course

When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations,” he wasn’t kidding.

This online course will help your church make disciples and empower them to serve.

It’s time to reach people and help them grow in their faith like never before.



Preaching Essentials Online Course

Pastor – God has called you to preach the Gospel!

The Gospel doesn’t change. But, your ability to communicate it well to your church has a huge impact on their ability to receive what you’re saying.

In the Preaching Essentials online course, you’ll get all the preaching essentials you need to preach with power!